Market Access | Detailed Agenda

Last Update: Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

DAY ONE Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM

Opening Comments From the Chair

George Wyatt

George Wyatt,

Managing Director,

Wyatt Health Management

8:30 AM

Opening Address: PMPRB Update and Q&A

Survey Regulatory Trends that Impact Your Market Access and Pricing Strategy

Protecting the interests of consumers, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board prevents excessive drug pricing in Canada. As such, it is among the most important regulatory bodies you will encounter during your product's journey towards market access. Design a successful market access strategy by incorporating and responding to:

  • Regulatory trends sourced directly from the PMPRB
  • Recent enforcement activities and their implications
  • Upcoming PMPRB initiatives

Stay ahead of your regulator's growing priorities and proactively respond to industry trends.

Tanya Potashnik,

Acting Director of Policy and Economic Analysis,


9:15 AM

Update and Q&A: Common Drug Review

Stay Informed on Ongoing CDR Initiatives and Developments

Endorsement by the Common Drug Review has emerged as a necessary condition to wider product listing. The CDR is constantly adapting to industry changes, so it is imperative that you keep on top of its movements to ensure smooth working relations. Gain insights into the CDR so you can:

  • Incorporate recent decisions into your market access plan
  • Enhance collaboration with the CDR to improve the chances of product listing
  • Accelerate the review process

Gain insights into the evolution of the CDR to enhance your working relations.

Chander Sehgal

Chander Sehgal,

Director, Common Drug Review (CDR) and Rapid Response,

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

10:00 AM

Mid-Morning Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. Secure new contacts and discuss your ideas

10:30 AM

Patient Advocacy

Partner with Patient Advocacy Groups to Promote Greater Access

Advocacy groups are powerful drivers of patient access. Fostering collaborative relationships with these organizations remains an essential dimension of your market access strategy. Among them, the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) represents a large and complex population of chronic disease sufferers. Support diabetes patients and advance access with insights into:

  • How the CDA envisions patient input into policy and drug plan decision-making
  • Strategies you can use to promote effective collaboration
  • Out-of-pocket expenses and their effect on patients
  • How government and benefit plans treat diabetes and how they should act going forward

Collaborate with patient groups to support their ability to access therapies.

Aileen Leo

Aileen Leo,

Executive Director, Government Relations and Public Policy,

Canadian Diabetes Association

11:15 AM

Pharmaceutical Industry Roundtable

Manage Obstacles and Explore Opportunities in Market Access

With tightening reimbursement regimes and expensive therapies entering the market, adaptive solutions must be sought. Ensure your market access strategy keeps pace with leading manufacturers. Engage this executive panel and take away insights so you can:

  • Identify emerging opportunities and pitfalls in market access
  • Develop creative solutions that deliver new value and enhance access
  • Build the infrastructure you will need to meet new market realities

Build innovation into your market access strategy.

Karen Netherton

Karen Netherton,

Vice President, Policy and Reimbursement,


Laurene Redding

Laurene Redding,

Vice President, External Affairs

Takeda Canada

More to come More to come...

12:00 PM

Networking Luncheon

Join conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

1:15 PM

Trends Analysis: Private Payers

Analyze Emerging Trends Among Private Payers and Adapt to Change

The private payer landscape is undergoing significant changes that will impact patient access and how medications are reimbursed. Strengthen your market access strategy with insights into emerging trends in the private payer landscape. Source critical information including:

  • Exclusive highlights from the Group Benefits Prescription Drug Plan Outlook
  • Changes in industry leadership and emerging partnerships
  • Insights into the solutions plan sponsors are considering

Integrate the employer's outlook into your market access strategies.

Suzanne Lepage

Suzanne Lepage,

Private Health Plan Strategist,

Suzanne Lepage Consulting Inc

2:00 PM

Private Insurance Panel

Build a Responsive Access Strategy Through Collaboration

Insurance providers strongly influence the management and development of benefit plans. Source critical information from key industry stakeholders so you can engage the increasingly managed private payer market. Adapt to emerging trends with insights into:

  • Issues being discussed among stakeholders
  • Frameworks private payers are considering to reduce costs
  • How manufacturers can more closely collaborate with insurance

Adapt your strategy to the tactics private payers are exploring.

Barbara Martinez

Barbara Martinez,

Practice Leader, Benefits Solutions,

The Great-West Life Assurance Company

Connie Wong

Connie Wong,

Director, Pharmacy Benefits,

Manulife Financial

Mark Rolnick

Mark Rolnick,

Product Director, Pharmaceutical Benefits,

Sun Life Financial

Anthony Leong

Anthony Leong, MBA, B.Sc.Phm, R.Ph,

Vice President, Government Affairs, Wholesale Distribution, Specialty, and Integrated Healthcare Solutions,

McKesson Canada

2:45 PM

Mid-Afternoon Networking Break

Take a break and mingle with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

3:15 PM

International Pricing Trends

Survey Trends in European Product Listing and Pricing Frameworks

European regulatory bodies continue to impose increasing fluid and restrictive conditions on listing and reimbursement. Forewarning possible changes in your region, these developments can influence Canadian reimbursement tactics. Source critical information that will allow you to:

  • Track the evolution of value-paced pricing
  • Follow emerging dynamics between HTA bodies and government
  • Assess how international developments will impact Canada

Track the evolution of European pricing and listing regimes and assess their implications for your market.

Neil Palmer

Neil Palmer,

President and Principal Consultant,

PDCI Market Access

4:00 PM

Explore How Real-World Evidence May Impact Healthcare and Access

As scientifically credible, anonymized patient-level data becomes more accessible around the globe, real-world evidence (RWE) is becoming the new currency. Physicians and payers can now make decisions based on what impact the medication is having on patient care in the real world. Gain insights into how healthcare decisions can be better informed:

  • Overview of RWE around the globe
  • Status update on RWE in Canada
  • Examples of how RWE has impacted payer decisions around the globe
  • Case study of EMR in Canada and its application to RWE

Better understand the potential of real-world evidence and how you can integrate it into your access strategy.

Brad Millson

Brad Millson,

Engagement Manager,

IMS Brogan

4:45 PM

Conference Adjourns to Day Two and Evening Social Activities

Network with industry leaders and stakeholders while enjoying some of the best Toronto has to offer. Start by joining fellow delegates and speakers for complimentary appetizers.


DAY TWO Thursday, November 14th, 2013

7:15 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM

Opening Comments From the Chair

George Wyatt

George Wyatt,

Managing Director,

Wyatt Health Management

8:30 AM

Physician & Foundation Engagement

Improve Physician and Foundation Engagement to Facilitate Access to Therapies

Many Canadians with liver disease are not getting the essential medications they need. Physicians and advocacy organizations play a critical role in improving and facilitating access. Source valuable insights so you can:

  • Support physicians as they work with patients to ensure access
  • Respond to opinions on efficacy, reimbursement and plan management
  • Effectively collaborate with physicians and advocacy groups
  • Modify your physician engagement practices to enhance patient access

Work with physicians and foundations to improve your market access strategy.

Dr. Morris Sherman

Dr. Morris Sherman,MB, BCh, PhD, FRCP©


Canadian Liver Foundation;

Researcher, Division of Experimental Therapeutics – Metabolism,

Toronto General Research Institute

9:15 AM

Industry Expert: Drug Plan Design and Reimbursement

Recognizing How a Drug Plan’s Design Affects Patient-Employee Behaviour

Plan sponsors strive to provide fair and equitable coverage for its members. However, to support the long-term financial viability of plans, various strategies are being adopted to shift patient behaviours. Source insights on how drug plan designs can affect your market access and reimbursement:

  • The impact of copayments on adherence
  • The influence of Co-ordination of Benefits (COB) provisions
  • New findings on mandatory generic substitution

Stay abreast of changes in drug plan designs and the implications for your reimbursement.

Bryan Ferguson

Bryan Ferguson

Managing Principal,

Telus Health Analytics

10:00 AM

Mid-Morning Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. Secure new contacts and discuss your ideas!

10:30 AM

HTA & Performance-Based Pricing

Develop a Market Access Framework that Anticipates Emerging Value-Based Agreements

Listing and reimbursement is becoming increasingly complex, especially given the global movement towards performance-based listing. Ensure your organization is prepared to meet emerging regulatory and payer demands that extend market access beyond initial listing. Survey the expanding role of health technology assessments so you can:

  • Build partnerships and manage evidence with key HTA agencies
  • Develop your real-world evidence infrastructure
  • Create a forward-looking HTA strategy

Enhance your HTA framework to communicate product value.

Farah Jivraj

Farah Jivraj,

Associate Director, Health Technology Assessment Strategy,

Sanofi Canada

11:15 AM

Industry Expert

Prosper or Perish? Turning Policy Into Action to Achieve Your Patient Access Goals

Demands on more value for healthcare dollars are driving policy and systems-wide changes. Ensure you play a role in enabling patient access and quality of care. Source strategies to improve your partnership and communications with market access stakeholders:

  • Building an integrated patient access strategy: start early to avoid disappointment
  • Motivating decision-makers to keep the cost to the patients in mind (not just the drug budget)
  • Integrating digital advocacy into your patient access plans

Strategize and plan accordingly to get the attention of market access decision-makers.

Aimee Sulliman

Aimee Sulliman,

Manager, Market Access and Healthcare Policy,

National Public Relations

12:00 PM

Networking Luncheon

Join the conference speakers and your peers in a relaxing luncheon.

1:00 PM

Small & Medium Employers

Reality Check on Small and Medium Employers

Large employers, although actively involved in the management of their benefit plans, do not constitute the majority of plan sponsors. Prescription drugs reimbursed through the plans of small and medium-sized businesses are the largest consumers of your products. Source insights into this market through its chief actors – plan advisors and carriers:

  • Gain insights into how drug plans are being developed and managed
  • Understand the realities facing small and medium employers
  • Critical information on how best to approach this significant customer segment

Incorporate small/medium plan sponsors into your long-term market access strategy.

Martin Chung

Martin Chung,

AVP, Strategic Health Management,

Equitable Life

Roger Thorpe,


Thorpe Benefits

1:45 PM

Business Model

Adapt to Shifts in the Business Model and Government Cost Pressures

Payers, pharmacies, brand and generic pharma companies have experienced major shifts that have prompted reassessments of their strategic plans. Changes such as CETA, initiatives of the Council of the Federation and continued drug reform have long term implications for the pharma market, access and patients. Source key insights into:

  • How pricing pressures are affecting generics and pharmacies
  • Strategies generics are using to increase market access
  • Long-term implications for patent drug makers

Ensure that your organization is prepared for major changes in the business model.

Ian Hilley

Ian Hilley,

Vice President, Government Affairs & Market Access,

Mylan Pharmaceutical

2:30 PM

Mid-Afternoon Networking Break

Take a break and mingle with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

3:00 PM

Biologics Market Update

Source Critical Information on Emerging Subsequent Entry Biologics

An important dimension of the pharmaceutical industry, questions continue to surround the future of biologics. These concerns are especially cogent given the imminent introduction of SEBs. Source BIOTECanada's deep industry-scale insights into the regulatory and market trends that will affect your biologics strategy. Gain information on:

  • Efficacy and cost-benefit considerations
  • Emerging regulatory frameworks and industry partnerships
  • Trends in listing and reimbursement

Gain insights to help you prepare in the face of market uncertainties.

Andrew Casey

Andrew Casey,

President & CEO


3:45 PM

Federal and Provincial Policy Review

The Evolution of Quebec's Pharmaceutical Innovation Policy: Some Critical Insights

Quebec's pharmaceutical innovation policy is changing. Present and future government responses will transform market access to improve the sustainability of drug coverage. The withdrawal of the 15 years rule and the implementation of reference pricing are symptoms of important changes in the policy framework. This presentation will offer critical insights in order to:

  • Understand emerging cost-management practices including reference pricing
  • Assess the sustainability of Quebec's private and public plans
  • Forecast the reimbursement and innovation landscapes in Quebec
Marc-André Gagnon

Marc-André Gagnon,

Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration,

Carleton University

Survey Policy Developments that Impact Reimbursement and Access

Government regulatory policy deeply affects pharmaceutical innovation and cost sustainability. Discover where Canadian policy currently stands, its likely future and the direction it should pursue to ensure patient access to your therapies. Stay ahead of the changes that will impact your market access with insights into:

  • How current and emerging policies influence the economic climate
  • Key developments in reimbursement and listing from public payers
  • Changes to pricing and its effect on innovation
Brett Skinner

Brett Skinner,

Executive Director, Health & Economic Policy,

Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D)

5:00 PM

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